FIFA Fútbol APK FIFA Fútbol v1.10.2 Mod

FIFA Fútbol v1.10.2 Mod



:Sep 7, 2017

:Android 2.3 and up


Mod :
1.) Weak Enemy

FIFA Fútbol v1.10.2 Mod

◆ Ride of the Valkyrie, the beginning of the story ◆ Set in Norse mythology, it spun out the gods and human beings
Decipher the profound story in the full-scale scenario
Fantasy RPG. ~ Prologue ~ That day···
Gods were Kitanasa . Time immemorial, this world was divided into nine. Midgard which human beings live, Vanir live,
Vannaheimu, Asgard that Æsir live
In a country where fairies live, giants of the country, the underworld The border one day, out of balance of nine of the world,
Day-to-day war that engulfed the whole world kick off In the day-to-day battle which is not ending,
People looked forward earnestly That appear earlier in this grief
The advent of Valkyrie no Valkyria [This work three points]
1. Always addictive world-full scenario of Norse mythology!
2. Own battle system and 3D graphics!
3. Industry highest peak of BGM further liven up the game! Scenario, Battle, BGM is produced together
Trying to experience the best of immersive! ◇ production ◇
Yamagishi IsaoNori (Square Enix) music:
Motoi Sakuraba Mr. (sound composer) scenario
Fujisawa Bunokina Mr. (playwright and director) ◇ gorgeous voice actors ◇
Lenneth-no Valkyria (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)
Odin (CV: Koichi Yamadera)
Thunder Saw (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)
Loki (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi)
· Norns (CV: Ai Kakuma)
· Guruveigu (CV: Shizu Ito)
Narration (CV: Touma Yumi)
Besides talented voice actor decorate the story!


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